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Houston On-Call Notary Public Services      

This company originated from an idea of combining unique mobile notary services with the principles of business services, as a focus.  That basis, as an approach, will never change.  Since 2002, Houston On-Call has built an excellent reputation of providing notary services 
for the Record Retrieval, Medical, and Legal industries -- as well as for returning individuals.  
These rewarding relationships have been earned through distinctive perspectives regarding   professionalism and altruism.  Going above and beyond will always positively set us apart.



Ethics and ideals do not have to be forsaken for temporary profits.  With long-term visions, short-term successes can create exponential rewards (without negating future possibilities).

Insight ~

We all know how we should have been treated as customers in various situations. 
That simple knowledge will constantly prevail as a realized guide with Houston On-Call
Quality services
and a friendly atmosphere -- where you are regarded as "keys to success."  

Goal ~

To provide convenient and professional mobile notary services for Houston area businesses 
and individuals.  With Houston On-Call Notary, your service needs will always be a spotlight.
In relation, your requests, comments, or suggestions are always welcome: (713) 498-1328.


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